Being a Winner of the Popular Monday Lotto!

To play Australia Monday Lotto, you just require six lucky numbers! In every draw, the Monday lottery offers players a couple of bonus numbers for an overall of eight winning numbers each week, seven methods of winning and among the globe’s best prospects of winning the lottery!

Begin your week with Monday Lotto, which offers brilliant odds, prizes which are tax free and a set AU $1 million jackpot!

About Monday Lotto

Australian Monday Lotto is among the key lottery a game that is played in Australia. As per its name, this lottery occurs once every week. Monday lotto is a one-drum game that needs players to choose eight numbers from a pool consisting of 45

The initial six numbers that are drawn represent the main numbers. The remaining two numbers are the supplementary numbers. So as to be a winner of the jackpot, referred to as Division 1 prize, the players need to match each of the six numbers. 

The jackpot prize is set at AUD $1 million for each draw. In case the number of jackpot winners surpasses four, the prize pool of AUD $4 million is divided between all winners of the jackpot

An extra five prize tiers providing players with secondary prizes are present. These are players who match fewer numbers.

Background of Australian Monday Lotto 

The Monday Lotto was started in Australia in November 1979. Initially, New South Wales Lotteries operated it. In 1984 November, a second draw was included each week. The Wednesday Lotto draw has similar format; however, each has their individual prize pool. 

The game spread its area of operation in May 2006 to include Western Australia and South Australia. In October 2008, a lottery firm based in Victoria and Tasmania called Tattersall’s then started selling tickets. After this, from October 2013 Golden Casket, a firm running lottery in Queensland took part in the Monday Lotto.

The initial player to be a winner of the jackpot for Australian Monday Lotto was Sam Fabio who was a truck driver in the Western suburbs. In March 1980, he won AUD$1,185,872.

In August 1990, the second supplementary number was included while in April 2004, an extra ball formed a huger main ball pool. Between 2004 in April and May 2006, a feature for Cash Roll Down was presented.

This meant that in case there was no winner for the jackpot, the prize was going to roll down and distributed among players in the rest of the prize tiers. The Division 6 prize was presented in February 2012. 

Strategies to Win Monday Lotto 

When it comes to winning the lottery, it is all about the final numbers and mathematics. Lotto game does not have memory statistics; however, this still has a role to play in this game

A lot of varied techniques exist for raising our prospects of winning the lotto such as:

  •  Attempt to pick two low numbers from 1-15, two medium numbers from 16-30 and two high numbers from 31-45 for Australian Lotto games. This might be different for other states; however, you basically divide your overall number into three columns that are separate.
  •  If you check previous outcomes, you will note that with time, it is going to be a variety of numbers all through the game that come up. It is rare for them to be grouped together. For instance, 1,2,3,4,5 is not likely to come up.

However if you take the numbers 1,5 and place it together with 19,26, then group these with 38,43, this would raise your chances of winning, as the numbers are spread equally, similar to most outcomes when they come in.


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How Did Derren Brown Predict the UK49s Winning Numbers?

Derren Brown is the man who appeared to play a game of Russian roulette on Live TV, using a gun that was loaded with real ammunition. However, he is now most known for having predicted the UK49s[] results on live TV in September of 2009.

Derren Brown was at the BBC1 studio on the stage where the BBC shows the UK49s results live but on another stage. Derren claimed that he had predicted the UK49s winning numbers. As the UK49s results were drawn, the numbers on Derren’s balls matched up with all six of the real winning numbers. The pity was the Derren had not bought a lottery ticket, and no one else had guessed the same winning numbers. This caused a media frenzy trying to figure out how Derren Brown pulled off his trick. The whole show lasted six minutes, but for the first five minutes, he did not stop talking, and his hands never stopped moving. There are some ideas of how he could have pulled off this trick. Here are just a few of the possible options.

  1. Split-Screen Techniques

Split-screen techniques can make it look like we are watching a whole live shot, but we are not. The reality would be that the left half of the image would have been pre-recorded where the balls are, and the right half would have been the live show. This would have allowed Derren to write the numbers on the balls.

  1. Projection

Projection is another option for how Derren could have gotten the numbers right. The projector would have been somewhere in the room and would display the right numbers on the balls.

  1. Sleight of Hand

This is the most likely method that was used if Derren was cheating when he was predicting the UK49s numbers. This would have worked if Derren had the balls up his sleeves and managed to get the right numbers out without us noticing, which could be why he was moving his hands during the whole show.

  1. An Electronic Link

There could have been an electronic link between where Derren wrote his numbers and where the ball stand was. So, when he was writing his numbers down on his card, the numbers were printed somewhere else. This would help make sure that his numbers showed up on the UK49s results.

  1. False Walls

Some people believe the studio that was used to record the trick was not as simple as it looked. There could have been false walls that could hide assistants with printed numbers on them as the UK49s results were found on the other stage.

How Did Derren Brown Predict the UK49s Winning Numbers

There is also the possibility that Derren Brown just guessed the UK49s winning numbers. However, most people think that he had help with the trick to make sure that it worked perfectly. We may never know how Derren pulled off this trick, but it was impressive. The question of why he did not buy aUK49s ticket if he could predict the winning numbers still remains.

If you wonder why Australian lottery website publish article about UK lottery, the answer is simple, we here to connect the Australian lottery players to more games then other ones.

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All You Should Know about Wednesday Lotto

The humble beginnings of Wednesday Lotto took place in 1979 and it has undergone few structural changes through the years, aside from the inclusion of a second supplementary number in 1990 in August. A small matrix variation also occurred.

Initially, a configuration of 6/44 was altered to 6/45; this alteration took place to keep the game at par with Saturday night Lotto that was becoming more and more famous.

Players who derive enjoyment from lotteries such as oz-lotto[] will have fun playing Australian Wednesday Lotto, which is among the preferred Aussie lotteries, popular for its contributions to charity.

Features of Wednesday Lotto

Between April 2004 and May 2006, if there was no rollover for the Wednesday jackpot, the prize money rose in the lower divisions. After the rollover feature came back, so did huger first division prizes, raising its fame greatly.

Similar to Monday and Saturday night Lotto, Wednesday Lotto game utilizes a matrix of 6/45. Players choose 6 numbers from 45 and following the drawing of the six main numbers, drawing of 2 supplementary numbers is carried out.

This raises the number of prize-winning divisions to 5. The hugest win for one ticket in this division happened in 2009, on 21 January when an NSW player made a score of $6 million.

It is simple to play Wednesday Lotto.  The top prize is set at AU$1 million. In case there are winners who fall between division one and four, each is going to obtain a whole AU$1 million.

If the winners exceed four, then there is equal distribution of AU$1 million between all of them. Draws for Wednesday Lotto are held on Wednesdays at 20.30 AEST (11.30 CET). There is a random drawing of eight balls from a range of 1-45.

Rules for Australian Wednesday Lotto

So as to play Australian Wednesday Lotto, choose 6 figures from a 1-45 guess range. It is essential to have six correct guesses so as to hit the jackpot. Two bonus balls are utilized for just secondary prizes.

To be a winner of Wednesday Lotto jackpot, players should be able to correctly guess 6/45 numbers. The Aussie lottery provides five prize categories. No taxes are imposed on secondary prizes or the jackpot. The AU$6 million Wednesday Lotto jackpot win occurred in January 2009.

Playing Wednesday Lotto

If playing online, after you have selected your 6 key numbers from 1-45, or have used the option for quick-pick to randomly select numbers, complete as many entries as possible. Then press the ‘Continue’ button on the right at the bottom.

In case you are logged-in already, you will view a summary of what you are purchasing. If this is correct, simply choose ‘Purchase Now.’

After that, you only need to relax and wait for the draw then check outcomes for Wednesday Lotto, to see whether you are the winner of a fortune.

Keep in mind that when you use to play Wednesday Lotto, you can win similar prizes in the same manner as if you had personally purchased a ticket.

Winning Strategies

Standard Game

A standard game is every standard line of figures you choose for every lotto game. Every standard game of 6 figures provides you with the prospect of winning a single prize. You can also choose your own numbers, auto-fill or Quick-pick every game.


With syndicates, you have more prospects of winning, as you cover a huger combination of numbers and divide expenses between group members.

Playing more games raises the prospects of winning a prize. In case the syndicate ticket wins a prize, the overall prize will be shared equally among all the syndicate members.

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Popular Strategies and Tricks Used on OZ Lotto

The more seasoned types of OZ Lotto players are using a variety of techniques to increase their chance of getting the prize money. Some of them are also using some tricks to make the lottery game more interesting. You might want to read these trick in order to improve the possibility of winning the Super draw.

The System

The system basically permits you to select more than 6 winning numbers for every Oz Lotto draw.  For example, the System 7 will allow you to select 7 digits, and the System 8 will let you choose 8 numbers.  The highest type of system would be system 20 that involves 20 numbers. In this system, you are playing the different possible combinations of numbers contingent upon your selected numbers. For example, the ‘System 8’ has at least 28 possible combinations. Your bets will be equivalent to all these 28 combinations.

The Syndicate

The syndicate is a term used for a group of people who combine all their money in order to play the highest possible amount of lotto entries. In the event that the entry they made wins, the jackpot prize will be divided among the members of the syndicate. Members of the syndicate have a higher percentage of winning since each member is playing bigger entry. This is not considered as an illegal. In fact, the official site of OZ lotto has a list of syndicates that a player can join.

Super Combo

By using the super combo technique, you will have the chance to bet on more combinations than the typical game entry which will increase the possibility that you will get the winning Oz Lotto results. However, it does not cover all the possible combination of numbers, unlike the System.  Super Combo has a particular design which will lead to a different set of numbers.

The Hot Numbers

Some players believe that there are numbers that appear, more frequently than the others. They are using the previous results of the Oz Lotto to determine the hot numbers. Hot numbers are basically the numbers the usually appear and the cold numbers are the numbers that rarely appears. Although numbers will be drawn randomly, there are numbers that appear more often compared to the others. However, the possibility that all ‘hot numbers’ will appear on the Oz Lotto results is pretty slim.

In case you want to end up like the hundreds of OZ lotto winners, the strategies aforementioned will increase the likelihood of winning the jackpot prize. If you still don’t have your ticket for the draw this week, placing your bets online would be the easier way. When playing online, you will receive regular notification to ensure that you will not forget the draw. Try some of the strategies that we mentioned above and find out how effective they are.


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Australian Powerball – Everything you need to know!

Powerball Logo

The Australian Powerball is a lottery that all lotto players should be aware of. The online lotto revolution in the past 3 – 5 years has opened up domestic lotteries to every corner of the world. However, from our experience, this “revolution” has really been more of a migration, vastly increasing the number of players for the best-known lottery games out there such as the US Powerball and Euro Millions, but not creating the same effect for the lesser known lotto games, such as the Australian Powerball.

The way we see it, the only reason that you wouldn’t be playing the Australian Powerball is because you are not aware of it. Ignorance may be bliss, but ignorance in the lotto is like shooting yourself in the foot before the big race. Get your knowledge up and learn why this lotto may be the only lottery game you need to play. Without further ado, let us begin:

Australian Powerball – History

The Australian Powerball has a relatively long and established history domestically. The first Australian Powerball draw was conducted in the spring ’96 and there has been no looking back since, aside from a complete game update in 2013 that introduced new prize divisions and tweaked the payout structure in an attempt to create bigger and more exciting jackpots. Everyone would agree that this was a successful update and turned the Australian Powerball into a more attractive lottery both at home and abroad. In the most recent times, the Australian Powerball is competing with the most popular domestic draw in Australia – The Oz Lotto. Will it overtake it to become number 1? Probably not, but that’s for another article, let’s get back to the Australian Powerball.

Lotto Game Features

The way the Australian Powerball is structured is familiar to lotto enthusiasts – a player needs to pick 6 numbers from a pool of 40 and an additional bonus ball from a pool of 20. Unlike other lottery games, the bonus ball for the Australian Powerball is used for the majority of the prize divisions. Only the 2nd, 4th and 7th prize division do not include the bonus ball. In order to jackpot the Australian Powerball, you need to match 6 out of 6 regular balls and the Powerball. The jackpot starts at a minimum $3 million AUD and rises quickly, with the record jackpot climbing to mystifying $80 million AUD!

Why We Like the Australian Powerball

Where to begin!? The odds are GREAT – statistically you are 60x more likely to jackpot the Australian Powerball than you are to jackpot the US version. The jackpots are BIG. The draw is FUN. Oh, and did we mention that the winnings are not subject to tax. The Australian Powerball is one of those lottery draws that once you are aware of it and have played it only once, you understand why it is such a popular lottery.

How the Australian Powerball Could Improve

The one feature that we feel is missing from the Australian Powerball is there isn’t enough draws! Currently the lotto takes place once a week. In the highly competitive domestic Australian lottery industry (there is literally a draw every single day) it is hard for the Australian Powerball to find an additional available slot, but we think that the organizers are ignoring the potential of the online lottery and its growing popularity. We vote for the Australian Powerball had an additional draw on a Sunday, it’s a quiet day in the online lotto world and would be the perfect time slot to fit in another Powerball draw.

Final Thoughts from

The Australian Powerball is a lottery player’s lottery. It may not be the draw that steals the headlines, but it is fantastic lottery and we at only wish that more lottery draws were like the Australian Powerball. Have played for over 4 years personally, I can safely say that it is the draw I most look forward to. Thanks to the great odds, there is genuine hope every time I check my numbers. If I could only play one lottery game for the rest of my life, it would be the Australian Powerball. Please bring out additional draw days!


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OZ Lotto – All You Need to Know

Oz Lotto Logo

The History of OZ Lotto 

OZ Lotto was first issued in 1994, and it was the first national lottery game of Australia. Its sign fact jackpots have made it popular ever since, and the winners are countless. There was a historical moment in 2013 where every one in three Australian adults bought a ticket for the OZ lotto because the jackpot amounted $100 000 000. What are the odds, right?

Odds – Things to Consider

OZ lotto guarantees at least of $2 million. Calculations show that the chance of winning the Division 1 prize pool and become one of the OZ Lotto winners is 1 in 45,379,620. The odds of you winning the first and the most substantial division’s price are 1 in 45,379,620. However, the chance of hitting any division prize within one single game is about 1 in 87. That’s not that substantial when you come to think about it, and it isn’t as low as other lotteries. In fact, 1 in 87 chance is considered to be rather significant.

How to Play the OZ Lotto?

The OZ Lotto allows the participant to pick 7 numbers out of 1 to forty-five. Each standard game has the cost of $2.30. On each Tuesday, 9 out of 45 balls are being drawn for the OZ Lotto results. While the first seven balls are the results of your choice, the last two balls are supplementary numbers which improve your chance of becoming an OZ Lotto winner. Following the draw, you will receive an e-mail with the winning numbers of the draw.

Winning the OZ Lotto

The most profitable Division 1 requires you to match all your 7 numbers with the 7 winning numbers from the draw in a single game. The lowest division – seven – requires a minimum of three winning numbers and at least one supplementary number.

Draws happen every Tuesday at 8:30 pm AEST/ 9:30 AEDT. OZ Lotto entries close on Tuesdays at 7: 25 pm AEST/8:25pm AEDT.

There are OZ Lotto statistics which provide an insight into the best possible combinations and mechanics of the game. Make sure to check them out on the webpage, they might provide you with an extra edge for becoming one of the next OZ Lotto winners. OZ lotto winners share their experience on the website. Becoming a millionaire from OZ Lotto is just a ticket away if you manage to play your numbers right and win the game. Statistics show that some numbers are indeed less popular than others. This means that they have a smaller chance of being chosen. When fewer winning numbers are being chosen then the prize from the OZ Lotto is larger, and the OZ lotto winners are more profitable. After all, lottery is a game of luck but introducing the statistical element in it will give the player a better understanding and a slightly bigger chance of winning in the OZ Lotto.

Overall the Oz Lotto is one of the best all round lotto games out there. When taking into account the odds, price of ticket, jackpot size and taxes, it is easy to see why this lotto is so popular!





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