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The Australian Powerball is a lottery that all lotto players should be aware of. The online lotto revolution in the past 3 – 5 years has opened up domestic lotteries to every corner of the world. However, from our experience, this “revolution” has really been more of a migration, vastly increasing the number of players for the best-known lottery games out there such as the US Powerball and Euro Millions, but not creating the same effect for the lesser known lotto games, such as the Australian Powerball.

The way we see it, the only reason that you wouldn’t be playing the Australian Powerball is because you are not aware of it. Ignorance may be bliss, but ignorance in the lotto is like shooting yourself in the foot before the big race. Get your knowledge up and learn why this lotto may be the only lottery game you need to play. Without further ado, let us begin:

Australian Powerball – History

The Australian Powerball has a relatively long and established history domestically. The first Australian Powerball draw was conducted in the spring ’96 and there has been no looking back since, aside from a complete game update in 2013 that introduced new prize divisions and tweaked the payout structure in an attempt to create bigger and more exciting jackpots. Everyone would agree that this was a successful update and turned the Australian Powerball into a more attractive lottery both at home and abroad. In the most recent times, the Australian Powerball is competing with the most popular domestic draw in Australia – The Oz Lotto. Will it overtake it to become number 1? Probably not, but that’s for another article, let’s get back to the Australian Powerball.

Lotto Game Features

The way the Australian Powerball is structured is familiar to lotto enthusiasts – a player needs to pick 6 numbers from a pool of 40 and an additional bonus ball from a pool of 20. Unlike other lottery games, the bonus ball for the Australian Powerball is used for the majority of the prize divisions. Only the 2nd, 4th and 7th prize division do not include the bonus ball. In order to jackpot the Australian Powerball, you need to match 6 out of 6 regular balls and the Powerball. The jackpot starts at a minimum $3 million AUD and rises quickly, with the record jackpot climbing to mystifying $80 million AUD!

Why We Like the Australian Powerball

Where to begin!? The odds are GREAT – statistically you are 60x more likely to jackpot the Australian Powerball than you are to jackpot the US version. The jackpots are BIG. The draw is FUN. Oh, and did we mention that the winnings are not subject to tax. The Australian Powerball is one of those lottery draws that once you are aware of it and have played it only once, you understand why it is such a popular lottery.

How the Australian Powerball Could Improve

The one feature that we feel is missing from the Australian Powerball is there isn’t enough draws! Currently the lotto takes place once a week. In the highly competitive domestic Australian lottery industry (there is literally a draw every single day) it is hard for the Australian Powerball to find an additional available slot, but we think that the organizers are ignoring the potential of the online lottery and its growing popularity. We vote for the Australian Powerball had an additional draw on a Sunday, it’s a quiet day in the online lotto world and would be the perfect time slot to fit in another Powerball draw.

Final Thoughts from Australian-Lotto.com

The Australian Powerball is a lottery player’s lottery. It may not be the draw that steals the headlines, but it is fantastic lottery and we at Australian-lotto.com only wish that more lottery draws were like the Australian Powerball. Have played for over 4 years personally, I can safely say that it is the draw I most look forward to. Thanks to the great odds, there is genuine hope every time I check my numbers. If I could only play one lottery game for the rest of my life, it would be the Australian Powerball. Please bring out additional draw days!