The more seasoned types of OZ Lotto players are using a variety of techniques to increase their chance of getting the prize money. Some of them are also using some tricks to make the lottery game more interesting. You might want to read these trick in order to improve the possibility of winning the Super draw.

The System

The system basically permits you to select more than 6 winning numbers for every Oz Lotto draw.  For example, the System 7 will allow you to select 7 digits, and the System 8 will let you choose 8 numbers.  The highest type of system would be system 20 that involves 20 numbers. In this system, you are playing the different possible combinations of numbers contingent upon your selected numbers. For example, the ‘System 8’ has at least 28 possible combinations. Your bets will be equivalent to all these 28 combinations.

The Syndicate

The syndicate is a term used for a group of people who combine all their money in order to play the highest possible amount of lotto entries. In the event that the entry they made wins, the jackpot prize will be divided among the members of the syndicate. Members of the syndicate have a higher percentage of winning since each member is playing bigger entry. This is not considered as an illegal. In fact, the official site of OZ lotto has a list of syndicates that a player can join.

Super Combo

By using the super combo technique, you will have the chance to bet on more combinations than the typical game entry which will increase the possibility that you will get the winning Oz Lotto results. However, it does not cover all the possible combination of numbers, unlike the System.  Super Combo has a particular design which will lead to a different set of numbers.

The Hot Numbers

Some players believe that there are numbers that appear, more frequently than the others. They are using the previous results of the Oz Lotto to determine the hot numbers. Hot numbers are basically the numbers the usually appear and the cold numbers are the numbers that rarely appears. Although numbers will be drawn randomly, there are numbers that appear more often compared to the others. However, the possibility that all ‘hot numbers’ will appear on the Oz Lotto results is pretty slim.

In case you want to end up like the hundreds of OZ lotto winners, the strategies aforementioned will increase the likelihood of winning the jackpot prize. If you still don’t have your ticket for the draw this week, placing your bets online would be the easier way. When playing online, you will receive regular notification to ensure that you will not forget the draw. Try some of the strategies that we mentioned above and find out how effective they are.