About Us

What do you want to know? It would be an understatement to say that we are lotto enthusiasts! Between our team at australian-lotto.com we have played every lottery draw out there, but we kept coming back to the lottery games from Down Under, after a while we realized between us that the reason we kept coming back to the Australian lottery draws is simple – They’re the best!

It was this epiphany that really pushed us to create the site you see in front of you today. You see, at the same time that we came to the realization that the Australian lotteries were the best option for online players, we also realized that not many people are aware of these draws and why they are so good.

So, this was our mission when we started Australian lotto: to create a one-stop shop that gives people the information and news that is important to them – and nothing else. We love the lotto and especially the Australian versions, but even we got frustrated trying to find the information we wanted and we’ve been playing these draws for almost a decade – a first time player to the Australian lotteries is essentially left in the dark – that is, until australian-lotto.com came on the scene.

We pride ourselves on relevant information; if you’re entertained while reading our reviews, strategies or breakdown articles, Great! But our priority will always be on relevant information and up to date news.

We hope you enjoy our service and good luck playing the Australian Lottos!