The humble beginnings of Wednesday Lotto took place in 1979 and it has undergone few structural changes through the years, aside from the inclusion of a second supplementary number in 1990 in August. A small matrix variation also occurred.

Initially, a configuration of 6/44 was altered to 6/45; this alteration took place to keep the game at par with Saturday night Lotto that was becoming more and more famous.

Players who derive enjoyment from lotteries such as oz-lotto[] will have fun playing Australian Wednesday Lotto, which is among the preferred Aussie lotteries, popular for its contributions to charity.

Features of Wednesday Lotto

Between April 2004 and May 2006, if there was no rollover for the Wednesday jackpot, the prize money rose in the lower divisions. After the rollover feature came back, so did huger first division prizes, raising its fame greatly.

Similar to Monday and Saturday night Lotto, Wednesday Lotto game utilizes a matrix of 6/45. Players choose 6 numbers from 45 and following the drawing of the six main numbers, drawing of 2 supplementary numbers is carried out.

This raises the number of prize-winning divisions to 5. The hugest win for one ticket in this division happened in 2009, on 21 January when an NSW player made a score of $6 million.

It is simple to play Wednesday Lotto.  The top prize is set at AU$1 million. In case there are winners who fall between division one and four, each is going to obtain a whole AU$1 million.

If the winners exceed four, then there is equal distribution of AU$1 million between all of them. Draws for Wednesday Lotto are held on Wednesdays at 20.30 AEST (11.30 CET). There is a random drawing of eight balls from a range of 1-45.

Rules for Australian Wednesday Lotto

So as to play Australian Wednesday Lotto, choose 6 figures from a 1-45 guess range. It is essential to have six correct guesses so as to hit the jackpot. Two bonus balls are utilized for just secondary prizes.

To be a winner of Wednesday Lotto jackpot, players should be able to correctly guess 6/45 numbers. The Aussie lottery provides five prize categories. No taxes are imposed on secondary prizes or the jackpot. The AU$6 million Wednesday Lotto jackpot win occurred in January 2009.

Playing Wednesday Lotto

If playing online, after you have selected your 6 key numbers from 1-45, or have used the option for quick-pick to randomly select numbers, complete as many entries as possible. Then press the ‘Continue’ button on the right at the bottom.

In case you are logged-in already, you will view a summary of what you are purchasing. If this is correct, simply choose ‘Purchase Now.’

After that, you only need to relax and wait for the draw then check outcomes for Wednesday Lotto, to see whether you are the winner of a fortune.

Keep in mind that when you use to play Wednesday Lotto, you can win similar prizes in the same manner as if you had personally purchased a ticket.

Winning Strategies

Standard Game

A standard game is every standard line of figures you choose for every lotto game. Every standard game of 6 figures provides you with the prospect of winning a single prize. You can also choose your own numbers, auto-fill or Quick-pick every game.


With syndicates, you have more prospects of winning, as you cover a huger combination of numbers and divide expenses between group members.

Playing more games raises the prospects of winning a prize. In case the syndicate ticket wins a prize, the overall prize will be shared equally among all the syndicate members.