To play Australia Monday Lotto, you just require six lucky numbers! In every draw, the Monday lottery offers players a couple of bonus numbers for an overall of eight winning numbers each week, seven methods of winning and among the globe’s best prospects of winning the lottery!

Begin your week with Monday Lotto, which offers brilliant odds, prizes which are tax free and a set AU $1 million jackpot!

About Monday Lotto

Australian Monday Lotto is among the key lottery a game that is played in Australia. As per its name, this lottery occurs once every week. Monday lotto is a one-drum game that needs players to choose eight numbers from a pool consisting of 45

The initial six numbers that are drawn represent the main numbers. The remaining two numbers are the supplementary numbers. So as to be a winner of the jackpot, referred to as Division 1 prize, the players need to match each of the six numbers. 

The jackpot prize is set at AUD $1 million for each draw. In case the number of jackpot winners surpasses four, the prize pool of AUD $4 million is divided between all winners of the jackpot

An extra five prize tiers providing players with secondary prizes are present. These are players who match fewer numbers.

Background of Australian Monday Lotto 

The Monday Lotto was started in Australia in November 1979. Initially, New South Wales Lotteries operated it. In 1984 November, a second draw was included each week. The Wednesday Lotto draw has similar format; however, each has their individual prize pool. 

The game spread its area of operation in May 2006 to include Western Australia and South Australia. In October 2008, a lottery firm based in Victoria and Tasmania called Tattersall’s then started selling tickets. After this, from October 2013 Golden Casket, a firm running lottery in Queensland took part in the Monday Lotto.

The initial player to be a winner of the jackpot for Australian Monday Lotto was Sam Fabio who was a truck driver in the Western suburbs. In March 1980, he won AUD$1,185,872.

In August 1990, the second supplementary number was included while in April 2004, an extra ball formed a huger main ball pool. Between 2004 in April and May 2006, a feature for Cash Roll Down was presented.

This meant that in case there was no winner for the jackpot, the prize was going to roll down and distributed among players in the rest of the prize tiers. The Division 6 prize was presented in February 2012. 

Strategies to Win Monday Lotto 

When it comes to winning the lottery, it is all about the final numbers and mathematics. Lotto game does not have memory statistics; however, this still has a role to play in this game

A lot of varied techniques exist for raising our prospects of winning the lotto such as:

  •  Attempt to pick two low numbers from 1-15, two medium numbers from 16-30 and two high numbers from 31-45 for Australian Lotto games. This might be different for other states; however, you basically divide your overall number into three columns that are separate.
  •  If you check previous outcomes, you will note that with time, it is going to be a variety of numbers all through the game that come up. It is rare for them to be grouped together. For instance, 1,2,3,4,5 is not likely to come up.

However if you take the numbers 1,5 and place it together with 19,26, then group these with 38,43, this would raise your chances of winning, as the numbers are spread equally, similar to most outcomes when they come in.