Derren Brown is the man who appeared to play a game of Russian roulette on Live TV, using a gun that was loaded with real ammunition. However, he is now most known for having predicted the UK49s[] results on live TV in September of 2009.

Derren Brown was at the BBC1 studio on the stage where the BBC shows the UK49s results live but on another stage. Derren claimed that he had predicted the UK49s winning numbers. As the UK49s results were drawn, the numbers on Derren’s balls matched up with all six of the real winning numbers. The pity was the Derren had not bought a lottery ticket, and no one else had guessed the same winning numbers. This caused a media frenzy trying to figure out how Derren Brown pulled off his trick. The whole show lasted six minutes, but for the first five minutes, he did not stop talking, and his hands never stopped moving. There are some ideas of how he could have pulled off this trick. Here are just a few of the possible options.

  1. Split-Screen Techniques

Split-screen techniques can make it look like we are watching a whole live shot, but we are not. The reality would be that the left half of the image would have been pre-recorded where the balls are, and the right half would have been the live show. This would have allowed Derren to write the numbers on the balls.

  1. Projection

Projection is another option for how Derren could have gotten the numbers right. The projector would have been somewhere in the room and would display the right numbers on the balls.

  1. Sleight of Hand

This is the most likely method that was used if Derren was cheating when he was predicting the UK49s numbers. This would have worked if Derren had the balls up his sleeves and managed to get the right numbers out without us noticing, which could be why he was moving his hands during the whole show.

  1. An Electronic Link

There could have been an electronic link between where Derren wrote his numbers and where the ball stand was. So, when he was writing his numbers down on his card, the numbers were printed somewhere else. This would help make sure that his numbers showed up on the UK49s results.

  1. False Walls

Some people believe the studio that was used to record the trick was not as simple as it looked. There could have been false walls that could hide assistants with printed numbers on them as the UK49s results were found on the other stage.

How Did Derren Brown Predict the UK49s Winning Numbers

There is also the possibility that Derren Brown just guessed the UK49s winning numbers. However, most people think that he had help with the trick to make sure that it worked perfectly. We may never know how Derren pulled off this trick, but it was impressive. The question of why he did not buy aUK49s ticket if he could predict the winning numbers still remains.

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